About Main Street Pedicabs

Main Street Pedicabs

caution-sign-bigPerfecting the design of human powered pedal vehicles since 1992.

Main Street Pedicabs is committed to creating a more social and healthy environment. We feel that downtowns and pedestrian areas are special places, and it is our mission to help build such places. That’s why Main Street Pedicabs received the Downtown Denver Award for adding street vitality and a convenient, zero-emission mode of transportation to the Mile High City.

3672753674_7272766720_zWe also strive to support entrepreneurial, environmentally minded people who seek independent employment. We’re strongly committed to empowering individuals to fulfill their dreams of owning and operating a profitable, yet environmentally friendly business.

about-pedicab-rickshaw-boardwalkEach Main Street Pedicab shares the refinements gained from Main Street’s fleet operation in Denver, Co. Mile High Pedicabs and our customers worldwide. Main Street Pedicabs™ offers national level marketing or Pedicabvertising on its Pedicabs including product placement and media appearances.

There is a pedicab for every occasion with a variety of models such as the Classic Pedicab, Broadway Pedicab, Boardwalk Pedicab, Billboard Bike and Pedal Pickup. Shop pedicab accessories at our ecommerce website www.wheelgoods.com.

Pedicabs Lineup

The Boardwalk
The Broadway
The Classic
Delivery Trike
Billboard Bike
Pedal Pickup