Many national companies advertise with us including: Coca-Cola, Circuit City, Budweiser, Nike, Yahoo, Target, Axe, Tabasco, MSN, Altoids, Wells Fargo, Budweiser, FedEx Kinko's, General Motors, Hooters, J.P. Morgan, Altoids, Microsoft, Celestial Seasonings, Sam Adams and MSN.

Manhattan Rickshaw, Millions of Impressions
"Our pedicabs can move through a lot of market segments in a single day, impressions can approach the millions when you get involved with special events like parades," Manhattan Rickshaw's Meitzler says. "Especially if you end up getting on TV." Pedicabs are regularly used on such hit TV shows as NBC's The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser and the Olympics!

Target and the Cherry Blossom Festival
Target Corporation, in conjunction with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., hired 6 of our pedicabs to operate during the Cherrry Blossom Festival parade. We wrapped the pedicabs in the signature red color of Target, installed printed canopies with the well-known Target logo.

Axe Body Spray National Campus Tour
Axe, the men's bodyspray, and our marketing team, put together a clever college campus advertising campaign that launched simultaneously nationwide, visiting in total 15 campuses during the famous Axe roadtrip. The campaign included wrapping pedicabs in shiny black vinyl overlays with branded graphics.

Desert Passage Casino, 46,000 People/day
"We can tell advertisers how many people are there on each day, that can be cross referenced with the number of shifts and the number of bikes out. We have, on the average, 46,000 people per day." Troy Fischer, General Mgr. Desert Passage Casino

Yahoo! Wrapped & Wired Pedicabs at the Olympics
Human-powered vehicles offered free public transportation, Internet access and online digital photos.

Eddie Bauer and the New Yorker Festival
Over 20 pedicabs were involved featuring vinyl wrapping in Festival colors such as orange and pink with Festival sponsorship decals such as Altoids, Citibank, Delta Airlines, Grand Marnier and the Intercontinental Hotel.

bicycle-rickshaw-advertisingImagine your logo sitting outside the hottest locations night after night. A fleet of mobile billboards extending your brand wherever they go. This is Pedicabvertising from Main Street Outdoor.

The perfect advertising platform for the modern metropolitan area is a Pedicab. We are the only company offering national and international level marketing on pedicabs. Our mobile advertising teams have the tools and experience to customize a campaign that will put you in front of your target customers.


In addition to our custom advertising programs, we are proud to offer turnkey national level marketing and advertising opportunities on our pedicabs in Denver, Chicago, Orlando, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and San Diego. Launch your brand today!

"Billboards attached to pedal cabs, or pedicabs, are rolling out in markets across the country after launching on both coasts over the past decade. Signage affixed to the sides, back, canopies and even the roll bars is visible to pedestrians in financial, shopping and recreation districts as pedicabs shuttle their passengers to these desirable destinations. These rolling billboards can venture into areas where traditional signage is restricted."
Kathy Prentice, Media Life Magazine


We offer the specialized Billboard Bike™ featuring a backlit ad-box that can be seen for blocks.

Axe, the men's bodyspray, and our marketing team, put together a clever college campus advertising campaign that launched simultaneously nationwide, visiting in total 15 campuses during the famous Axe roadtrip. The campaign included wrapping pedicabs in shiny black vinyl overlays with branded graphics.

From New York to Los Angeles, Hawaii to Sydney, your brand can now have the exposure it deserves with pedicab advertising from Main Street Pedicabs
. Contact us.


Panel Ads
Panel Ads are frequently vinyl panels with adhesive that we apply to the sides and rear of the pedicabs. We also can mount thin, laminated foamcore panels with velcro or rivets. While dimensions may vary, frequently the rear panels are 20" tall by 30" wide, and the sides are 10" tall by 19 inches wide.

Wrap Ads
Wrap Ads cover the sides and rear and sometimes the entire cab body with a tightly fitted vinyl wrapping, color-matched to your specific color. This type of ad creates a significant presence on the street, a rolling billboard carrying your brand or logo. In addition, the vinyl wrap is very sturdy and stands up to rain, sun and wear and tear.

Lightbox Ads
Lightbox Ads are carried on the rear of the cabs. While dimensions of the light box may vary, in general they are approximately 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide, powered by a 12 volt dc battery source carried on board the cab. Artwork is sandwiched between two plexiglass panels. Lightbox ads are custom.

Canopy Ads
Canopy Ads use fabric printing to incorporate your brand message into a very functional part of the pedicab, the canopy. It often serves as a colorful accent on the pedicab body, which is often wrapped in a complementary color scheme.

Main Street Pedicabs, Inc.™ has been perfecting the design of human-powered vehicles since 1992. Available in pedicab, truck, and delivery van configurations, each vehicle shares the refinements gained from Main Street's fleet operations in Denver, Colorado and of our customers. The Boardwalk Pedicab™, Classic Pedicab™, Broadway Pedicab™, Billboard Bike™, Pedal Pick-Up™, Pedicabvertising™ and all trademarks and logos appearing on this website, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Main Street Pedicabs, Inc.™ or their respective trademark holders. Price and availability subject to change without notice. We are a proud supporter of all green initiatives that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

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