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College Campuses Going Greener!

filed under: Uncategorized — admin @ 7:41 pm February 11th, 2014

Many colleges throughout the United States have decided to not only to strengthen their relationships with their communities -but also reduce their global footprints. We have seen many universities utilize their land for organic gardens (which yield goods for food banks, shelters and more), eliminate their dependence on coal burning and even cutting back the number of vehicles on campus by implementing pedicabs and pedal trucks.

Here at Main Street, we were delighted when UC Davis in California requested pedal trucks to utilize in their grounds/landscaping tasks. By implementing these pedal trucks, the staff is able to have their resources more readily-available. They have been able to spend less time loading up trucks, finding parking, driving around and having to carry their tools to their locations. Now, workers can pedal right up to where they are working and start doing what they need to immediately. Not only has this increased productivity -it has also helped optimize staff member health and keeps more vehicles off the road. There is no need to haul around extra unused space or waste gas, which ends up being very ergonomic for the university.

UC Davis Pedal Truck

UC Davis Landscaping

Several other colleges have followed suit and have even traded their student transportation shuttles for pedicabs. We hope to see more campuses utilizing pedicabs and pedal trucks in the near future.

Human Powered Utility Vehicle

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 7:51 pm September 24th, 2010

The  University of California Davis (UCD) bought a Main Street pedal truck  for their grounds maintenance. View the video below and at They are very happy with the performance and the price of this version of a pedicab.  We think many college campuses and private facilities would benefit from this type of maintenance vehicle, zero-emission, human powered vehicle.

Pedicabs cash-in at Texas festival

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 7:43 pm March 19th, 2010

by Sam Sanders

The South by Southwest music festival bills itself as “the premier destination for discovery.” It’s also the destination for truckloads of cash, as music and art fans flock to Austin, Texas, each March. Last year’s event brought nearly $100 million to the city, according to one analyst.

The more than 200,000 “creative class” types — musicians, media gurus, filmmakers — who come to South by Southwest (often known merely as SXSW) spend money not only at the official event, but also in Austin’s rich underground economy.

The annual festival has become a cash cow for the city, says Ben Loftsgaarden, an economic analyst with Greyhill Advisors who studied the economic impact of last year’s event.


Bikevertising hits Tucson streets

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 6:34 pm March 4th, 2010

When Bill Wildman was approached about buying advertising on a bicycle, he was convinced the idea was so good he decided to buy his own billboard bicycle instead.

Wildman, who owns Malibu Yogurt at 825 E. University Blvd, uses his Main Street Pedicabs manufactured Billboard Bike to get to and from his store.

“Because it is my bike and because I ride it, I can park it just like any other car,” Wildman said.


Bicycle rickshaw offers Sacramento River Trail rides

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 4:59 pm February 16th, 2010

By David Brenda

Popular at such tourist haunts as Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, the bicycle rickshaw has arrived at the Sundial Bridge in Redding.

Bob Frost, a 57-year-old retired U.S. Forest Service worker, opened Sundial Pedicabs last month.

Starting with one cab and operating intermittently when weather permits, Frost will take visitors around the Sundial Bridge, along the Sacramento River Trail and even through the McConnell Arboretum at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.


Never Too Old: ‘Rickshaw Willie’ a Hometown Hit

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 6:11 pm December 24th, 2009

By Dan Werner

“Hey, Rickshaw Willie,” someone calls out as Tim Wilhelm drives his Pedicab down Main Street in Akron, Ohio. It’s a common occurrence these days, as Wilhelm, aka “Rickshaw Willie,” has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

“Everybody has to have their picture taken with Rickshaw Willie,” Wilhelm says. “People are hugging me all the time, and kids will run out to the edge of the curb to high-five me as I drive down the road. Even some local business owners came up to me while I was eating dinner and told my wife that I had become a downtown Akron icon.”

But it was only about a year ago when the 54-year-old Wilhelm found himself depressed and at a crossroads in his life. A truck driver for 31 years, Wilhelm became the victim of a sagging economy when the trucking company he works for merged with another and then decided to take him out of his truck and onto the loading dock.

“It was about the lowest point I had ever been in my life,” he says. “I didn’t know if I’d pull out of the depression, but I’m not a quitter, so I kept thinking about what I could do.”


Pedicabber works for tips, love of biking

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 6:54 pm December 23rd, 2009

Pedicab works for tips, love of biking

Tony Benedict, right, pedals four pedestrians home from a night of partying Friday from Albert Avenue.

By Daniel Luscombe

Wearing a black leather jacket reminiscent of Johnny Ramone, well-manicured facial hair and a big grin, Tony Benedict, owner of Pure Power Pedicab, is East Lansing’s one and only bicycle taxi.

Benedict, an East Lansing resident and former paramedic, has been serving the East Lansing community since November 2008 with his human-powered mode of transportation.

“I go completely on tips, and I do that because I don’t want to set a set rate,” Benedict said. “Some people just want a ride and they really don’t have a lot of money. I figure everyone should have a ride if they just want to go home and they don’t live too far away.”

On average, Benedict said he is tipped $5-$6 for rides that average about a quarter mile, although a particularly generous customer once gave him $100.


A New Cycle

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 5:06 pm December 23rd, 2009

By Jessica Harp, Envy Magazine

Ricky Grunden, a 22-year-old student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, mounts his Trek Road Bike every morning to pedal the 10 minutes through shaded neighborhoods to campus.  He rides his bike to work, to the gym, to friend’s apartments and even into Downtown.  He rides his bike everywhere.  But Grunden also has a Toyota 4Runner sitting in the garage of his duplex.

“Our country is at a constant rate of increase concerning urbanization,” said Grunden.  “As that happens, cities are becoming friendlier toward bike transportation and it’s good because you can get around faster and you don’t need money for gas.”

Grunden is not the only one researching inexpensive alternatives into his daily routine because of the economy.  According to data from Bike Europe published in May 2009, bike imports to the United States exceeded car sales in the same country by $.4 million.  This means that over the course of several years, the demand for bicycles rose, which in turn stepped up production, making bikes appear as a more logical alternative to cars as a primary source of transportation.


Mobile Magic!!!!

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 10:28 pm December 21st, 2009

Both roads going into Mobile have tunnels at the end. So we had to go north a bit to hit up the Cochane-Africatown USA Bridge. As we came down into the greater Mobile area we made our way past the rail and ship yards. We were moving right along and incountered a couple of cyclist coming our way. As we passed one of them asked ‘where ya going?’ I responded with ‘EVERYWHERE!!!’ The man did a quick u-turn and came at me with questions. I informed Bucky and his group of bikers of what I was planing on doing and handed out some cards giving them my info. I needed to hit up a post office to pick up a care package and I needed to figure out where I was going to camp that night and the following day and night due to yet another storm moving on in. All the post offices are closed on Saturdays in Mobile so I would have to wait till Monday to pick it up. I was cruising around downtown taking in the sights when my phone rang.


Secretos del transporte más exótico de Londres: el rickshaw

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 6:45 pm December 20th, 2009


LONDRES.-  Con Boris Johnson los londinenses han cogido el gusto por los pedales. Pero fueron otros los que encontraron mucho antes el potencial a ir sobre ruedas en el ajetreado asfalto de la capital británica. Son muchos los que conocen los ‘rickshaws’, pero muy pocos los que saben verdaderamente los secretos de estos populares triciclos que trabajan como bici taxis. Visitamos ‘Shone Lane’, el gran garaje donde duermen los pedicabs más famosos de toda Europa.

Para entrar hay que marcar una clave en la puerta que sólo conocen los conductores de estos vehículos. “Entran y salen cuando quieren. Ellos se ponen sus propios horarios”, cuenta Vanessa Celosse, que trabaja en Bugbugs, el primer operador que en 1998 sacó a la calle una flota de 18 ciclocarros. En principio, el proyecto estaba destinado para dar “trabajo verde” a los desempleados, pero hoy en día muy pocos viven exclusivamente de dar al pedal. La mayoría de los conductores son jóvenes que vienen a aprender inglés o estudiantes que quieren sacarse el dinero para pagar el alquiler mientras acaban sus clases.


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