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Pedicabber works for tips, love of biking

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 6:54 pm December 23rd, 2009

Pedicab works for tips, love of biking

Tony Benedict, right, pedals four pedestrians home from a night of partying Friday from Albert Avenue.

By Daniel Luscombe

Wearing a black leather jacket reminiscent of Johnny Ramone, well-manicured facial hair and a big grin, Tony Benedict, owner of Pure Power Pedicab, is East Lansing’s one and only bicycle taxi.

Benedict, an East Lansing resident and former paramedic, has been serving the East Lansing community since November 2008 with his human-powered mode of transportation.

“I go completely on tips, and I do that because I don’t want to set a set rate,” Benedict said. “Some people just want a ride and they really don’t have a lot of money. I figure everyone should have a ride if they just want to go home and they don’t live too far away.”

On average, Benedict said he is tipped $5-$6 for rides that average about a quarter mile, although a particularly generous customer once gave him $100.


Three Wheels Through the Park

filed under: Pedicab Videos — Importer @ 5:02 pm October 20th, 2009

By ARIEL KAMINER, New York Times

The bride stood out against the backdrop of Central Park: The temperature was in the 50s, yet she had nothing more on her torso than a lace bustier. Below, her dress was as voluminous as an inflated parachute, dragging as she hobbled along the path. I was gliding along comfortably in the back of a pedicab, with plenty of room next to me on the seat. So I offered her a lift.

The look she gave me was not gratitude. After a few more friendly entreaties, the groom caught up to us. “She doesn’t want to,” he said. With that, they turned off the path and she hobbled onward, juggling various hems.


Pedicab vs. Taxicab NYC Video

filed under: Pedicab Videos — Importer @ 4:45 am January 16th, 2009

Watch the pedicab vs. taxicab video from Time Square to Union Square, NYC below. The exciting race shows the real-world conditions of traffic congestion facing many large metropolitan areas. Who will win? Courtesy Planet Green.

Watch more pedicab videos.

AUK: Oxford: The Future Has Got Three Wheels

filed under: Pedicab News — Importer @ 10:11 pm February 6th, 2007

I’ve seen the future of short-haul public transport in Oxford, and it’s got three wheels. Oxford’s cycling community is abuzz with talk of the new bicycle-rickshaws, or pedicabs’. You may have seen them gliding around the city centre, ferrying overdressed students to and from college balls, but I hadn’t seen one until yesterday.

They’re a tricycle with a solid 85kg chassis, highly-geared and with fancy brakes. The ample seats happily accommodate two corpulent passengers, and back at their Jericho garages, the carriages can be swapped for pick-up modules for doing deliveries.

You need to be fit to ride a laden pedicab, and bizarrely, it’s probably easier if you aren’t a cyclist. I’ve just ridden one and it was weird. Whereas on a bike, you lean into a corner, on a pedicab, you stay bolt upright – in fact, leaning into a corner makes no difference whatsoever. “They’re great fun to ride and it’s nice being able to chat to passengers over your shoulder,” says Ted Maxwell, the founder of Oxon Carts. Ted’s thigh muscles doubled in size over the busy Christmas period and he’s never felt more tired than at the end of New Year’s Eve, but he and his riders love it.

Ted got the idea while holidaying in Scandinavia last summer. “Bicycle-rickshaws are an integral part of the transport system in several Nordic cities. I thought: Why aren’t they in Oxford already?’ Oxford is flat enough and it has the cycling culture,” says Ted. The entrepreneurial history undergraduate began to put out feelers last autumn. “Of course it’ll work,” was the unanimous and obvious verdict. Although 11 years ago Erica Steinhauer’s bicycle-rickshaw business failed, Ted is convinced that times have changed. So convinced, in fact, that he before he knew it, he’d set up Oxon Carts and imported five £2,000 pedicabs from the States.

A typical pedicab journey is the five-minute hop with your suitcase from the train station to High Street or with a heavy purchase from, say, Boswell’s to Jericho – even up Headington Hill “if you ask nicely!”

Pedicabs offer the journeys that you can’t make by bus or cab through our congested medieval streets. They’re doing cabbies a favour, too, as these short but traffic-snarled journeys earn cabbies the least.

Pedicabs in Oxford tick all the boxes: no need to worry about CO2 emissions or diesel fumes. Having access to cycle lanes and short cuts means they’re much quicker than a taxi. They reduce congestion and they’re a peaceful ride for passengers and pedestrians alike. In all, pedicabs are a win-win proposition for the city.
Local businesses are already using them for deliveries large and small, and you can book a private-hire service on 07747 024600 or Unfortunately, due to hackney carriage licensing complications, they can’t yet act as hailable on-street cabs. However, Oxon Carts see their future as plying the streets and customers want the freedom to hail a passing pedicab, so getting a taxi licence is the next step. Gird your loins for the three-wheeled revolution.

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