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About Main Street Pedicabs

Our “Why”

We want to improve the planet with pedal-power.

ENVIRONMENT – We feel that downtowns and pedestrian areas are important places, and it is our mission to help make them more eco-friendly and enjoyable. Pedicabs mean fresher air and quieter streets, plus social interaction and an enjoyable ride. In 1995, we received the Downtown Denver Award for adding street vitality and a zero-emission mode of transportation to the Mile High City.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – We strive to support entrepreneurial people who seek independent and flexible employment. We’re strongly committed to helping people own and operate a profitable business as pedicab drivers or fleet owners.

INNOVATION – Our team of bike experts continuously improves the design and manufacturing process of our vehicles, with a goal to make the most durable and sustainable pedicabs on the market. Each Main Street Pedicab shares the refinements gained from Main Street’s fleet operation in Denver, Co. (Mile High Pedicabs) and from feedback from our customers worldwide.


Our History

Main Street Pedicabs began in 1992, after founder Steve Meyer had travelled to Asia a few times and noticed the innovated forms of transportation present in Asian countries, such as tuktuks, becaks, cyclos, and pedicabs. 

As an economist and ecologist in the 1980’s, Meyer was passionate about the redevelopment of downtown and pedestrian areas. Meyer felt that pedicabs would be a perfect solution for U.S. cities’ congested urban areas, which at the time lacked sustainable transportation solutions. He set out with the Engineering Department at CU Boulder to make the ultimate pedicab – one that could fulfill the demands of a modern city.

In December 1994, on the same day his daughter was born, Meyer completed and sold his first pedicab to an entrepreneur in San Fransisco. Since that day, Main Street Pedicabs has been a family enterprise that has gained a presence worldwide.

Some of the pedicabs first purchased by owners in New York City in 1995 are still in operation today, over 20 years later. By building such durable pedicabs, Main Street has developed a positive reputation in the pedicab community and remains one of the top manufactures of pedicabs in the world today.



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