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New Pedicab Drivers & Operators

Driving a pedicab is fun! From the casual family driver to the serious business entrepreneur, it’s always rewarding to have smiling, happy passengers.

It is important for all drivers to undergo driver training for a minimum of one hour before adding passengers. Driving a large tricycle is not the same as a bicycle. The rear of the pedicab is 50 inches wide, so it is important to practice maneuvering around objects. Plastic orange cones are good objects to start with.

Remember to steer the tricycle using the front wheel rather than shifting your body weight. It is good to practice going down hills and across inclined surfaces to master this aspect before adding passengers. Drivers learn quickly to put the pedicab in a low gear when they come to a stop. A pedicab left in a high gear is difficult to accelerate.

Many pedicab fleet managers have training programs for new drivers that last at least several hours, and most drivers feel comfortable and safe within one hour of practice.

Starting Your Pedicab Business

A frequent question that many new pedicab customers ask is, “How do I get my business started?” From our years of pedicab experience we can give the following advice:

Analyze the location.
Pedicab businesses tend to do best where there are many pedestrians.  When parking is scarce, people are forced to walk long distances and are often willing to pay.  This means events are often ideal times to offer pedicab services.

Research local regulations.
Pedicabs as vehicles are allowed in any place that allows bicycles. Not all cities require a business license, and some pedicab owners get started by offering rides for tips while they learn.

Starting the company.
It’s a good idea to consult with an attorney and accountant about what business structure is best for you. Many Pedicab companies find that setting up a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) works best. Many owners get liability insurance for the company.  Some get insurance through the same provider of insurance for their other businesses.  

Finding drivers.
People find driving a pedicab to be a perfect part-time job. It is very important, however, to have responsible, trustworthy drivers. Many fleet managers have half to whole day training sessions for the drivers. Most pedicab companies lease the pedicabs to the driver, who are not employees.

Go for it!
You know and we know that pedicabs are a good thing. They provide a fun and useful short-haul taxi service. They are good for the environment, they provide jobs, and make for interesting city life.  Don’t let obstacles get in your way of starting a new company.

Contact us for more information on how to get started.

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Main Street Pedicab Operators

Main Street Pedicabs™ can be found throughout the world. We supply our pedicabs to over 200 cities worldwide for operators large and small. Main Street Pedicabs™ has been making pedicabs in Colorado for 25 years.  We are the market leader and the largest manufacturer of pedicabs in North America. In New York City, Manhattan Rickshaw™ has been using quality Main Street Pedicabs since 1995. We began operating our own fleet in Downtown Denver in 1990 and it is still going today as Mile High Pedicabs™.

International Cities with Main Street Customers (updated 2005)

Sydney Australia, Mississauga Canada, Quebec City Canada, Vancouver Canada, Victoria Canada, Waterloo Canada, Toronto Canada, Tofino Canada, Montreal Canada, Calgary Canada, Halifax Canada, Ladysmith Canada, Whistler Canada, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands, Copenhagen Denmark, Odense Denmark, Paris France, Nantes France, Lake Constance Germany, Cork Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Tel Aviv Israel, Florence Italy, Milan Italy, Montego Bay Jamaica, Kuwait City Kuwait, Cozumel Mexic,o Willemstad Netherlands, Auckland New Zealand, Oslo Norway, Vieques Puerto Rico, Valencia Spain, Barcelona Spain, London United Kingdom, Oxford United Kingdom.

United States Cities with Main Street Customers (updated 2005)

We are so grateful for this worldwide network of pedicabbers!